Manifest Humanity

Evil Is Alive, or so it would seem at least.

Our Mission:  Together, we combat that evil as a community.

By holding a small globe held in your hand, you connect with our community to direct love, prayer, good thoughts,
and positive energy towards a common goal.

Why a globe?  Because we all live here.  We are all brothers and sisters on Planet Earth, regardless of race, religion, creed, etc.

Every 2 or 3 days, we send out a message to our entire community, a very specific goal or task to focus on.

When an entire group of people focus their thoughts and energy on one thing, the overall energy to manifest that goal is magnified
many times over, and the results can be astounding!

Energy follows thought, and every additional mind multiplies that energy.  With a million minds all focused on one goal,
we effect real change in our world.

We also have a “prayer wall”, where you are welcome to post whatever you like, except spam of course, and all members can simply
direct energy to the wall itself!

Also, if You are in need of help or healing, please use your globe to link yourself to the “group soul” and receive.  The energy is there for You as well!


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